Streams of Joy 5 October 2023 Devotional | Not by Process

Streams of Joy 5 October 2023 Devotional | Not by Process
Streams of Joy 5 October 2023 Devotional | Not by Process

Streams of Joy 5 October 2023 Devotional by Pastor Jerry Eze

Read Streams of Joy 5th October 2023 Devotional – Thursday Daily Devotional Message by Pastor Jerry Eze

TOPIC: Not By Process

MEMORY VERSE: “O satisfy us early with thy mercy; that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.” (Psalm 90: 14)

SCRIPTURE READING: Genesis 26: 1-14

FOCUS: “And the LORD appeared unto him, and said, Go not down into Egypt; dwell in the land which I shall tell thee of:” (Genesis 26: 2)

When a famine arose in Genesis 12, Abraham moved from Canaanite territories and went into Egypt, before he found sustenance and wealth. Isaac was about to do same, and he already arrived at Gerar, from where he was about to go to Egypt before the Lord interrupted him. It seemed that the formula for abundance and sustenance was to move towards Egypt. It seemed that sustenance would not happen until he arrived Egypt.

God told Isaac not to proceed to Egypt. He was still in the process that should take him to Egypt when the Lord interrupted him and gave him the same abundance he thought he would find in Egypt. The process was not complete but the results he sought came his way. People would imagine that Isaac was still on his journey to Egypt, without knowing that his blessings had begun. His wonders began when the process was incomplete.

Friend, the process may be incomplete but your blessings will be complete. You may still be at the beginning of your journey, but the Lord says, your blessings have already begun. You may not have done much in the long term plan you have for yourself, but you are about to receive ten years in ten days. Before you get to your Egypt, you would have already had your results. Before the season of results arrive, your own results would have arrived ahead of time.

You serve a God who does not need processes and protocols to be complete before He does what He said He would do. You serve a God who does not need the completion of processes you already began before He makes your new season to unfold. If God be for you, you will have results earlier than you planned to have them. If God be for you, you will have your results without going through all you thought you will go through.

Welcome to your season of more. Welcome to your season of having your results earlier than expected. Welcome to that season where the processes and protocols may not be complete, but you will have your evidence.

DECLARATION: My results will come earlier than expected, in Jesus’ name!


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