The Good Son 16th June 2021 Update

The Good Son 16th June 2021 Update

The Good Son 16th June 2021 Update on

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The Good Son 16th June 2021 Update starts as Dadi scolds Vedant for not telling Purva about their house rules. Ramesh says Amma will not forgive you. Vedant says we did a mistake. Gomti says it is a sin. Ramesh says Gudali lal is not our blood, what he will tell her. Vedant tells Dadi that Nani had sent it and I told Purva that it was not allowed, before we could take the box, Chacha and Chachi had it already.

Dadi tells Vedant that Dada kept mannat for him, and today the house became inauspicious. Ramesh blames Purva and Vedant calling them outsiders. Everyone blame them.

Purva calls Nani. Nani asks if everyone liked Kabab. Purva asks her why did she send mutton kabab and asks if she doesn’t know that they are Radha Swamy. Nani says urmi’s husband used to like it. Purva says they left it long ago. Nani says she will talk to Urmi. Purva asks her not to talk to her now. Gomti asks Sumiti not to touch her and says she hated the non vegetarians. Sumiti and her husband tell that they couldn’t figure out the taste. Ramesh scolds them and says who shall make Amma understand that she is growing thorns and not roses. Vedant breaks chocochip icecream and says sorry to Dadi.

Dadi says I can forgive your mistake, but a wife can never bear her husband’s insult as this relation is bigger than any other relation. Vedant says even I have less relations and my relation is lifeline for me. Only you and maa are close to me. Dadi asks Manjula to go. Manjula goes. Vedant apologizes. Dadi asks him to take his icecream and go.

Nani talks to Dadi on video call and tells that she didn’t know about jiju’s mannat and tells that Purva had told her. Dadi tells her that she is Purva’s Nani and asks her to end the call. Vedant blames Purva as both Dadi and Manjula not talking to him. Purva gets angry on him and says she doesn’t know about their customs. She says you have solutions for everything. Vedant says I have no solution now and says I am trapped.

Purva says if he feels trapped then tell her directly, she will leave as she don’t want him to face troubles because of her. She comes to Dadi and says she don’t want to hurt her. She says I react with my heart and I do mistakes in a hurry. She says I left my house and came here, and fighting to make this house mine with the strength which I get from you. She says you hold the same place in my heart as my Nani and apologizes to her. Her tears fall down on Dadi’s foot. She makes Purva get up.

Purva asks her to forgive her. Dadi says you have some responsibilities being a bahu and tells that sasural talks shall not reach mayka. Purva cries and tries the more she tries to make everything fine, it gets ruined.

Vedant is in the house thinking. He imagines Dadu there. He asks why did you leave mutton for me. Dadu says Ramesh and Narendra couldn’t handle his reign so God sent him to him. He says you knows your Dadi’s anger.

Gomti is talking to Sumithi. Purva comes there and says whatever is happening is because of Sumithi as she was eager to eat rather than listening to her. Gomti says they have to wash all utensils now. Sumiti says Purva have to go, even Vedant can’t do this time.

Purva goes to bathroom and stands under the shower. Manjula gets worried and says you will catch cold. Gomti and Sumiti get happy. Purva takes a bucket of water and goes to kitchen. Gomti asks Ramesh to stop her and says she made our kitchen impure. Ramesh goes to kitchen and sees Purva washing all the utensils. Others also go to kitchen and see her cleaning the vessels. Vedant comes there and looks at her.

Ramesh asks Vedant if she got mad. Gomti asks him to ask her to stop the nautanki/drama. Vedant stops Purva from purifying the utensils. Gomti tells Sumiti that Vedant will kick her out.

He starts cleaning the utensils and helps Purva. Purva smiles. They both wash it and smile looking at each other. Ramesh asks Vedant if he got attack of madness. Gomti says Moksh is not easy to get if he becomes wife’s Servant. Vedant says he is sharing his wife’s work. He tells that Dada ji used to stand outside and served his punishment when he was unwell, like that Purva is his and her punishment is his. Both of them clean the kitchen. Gomti asks did any Mata come in you. Purva says it was your idea, and thanks her.

Dadi says house purification didn’t happen like this and tells that they will call Pandit from temple and will get havan done. Gomti says I won’t let this havan happen and asks Sumiti to wait and watch. Purva goes to room, closes the door and cries. Vedant says I can understand how you are feeling and says I am with you. He says whatever you did today is a big thing and says Dadi will forgive you with time. He asks her to have patience. Purva cries badly and goes to change her clothes. Vedant comes inside the room and asks if she is fine.

Purva says it is nice line that everything will be fine. Vedant says I understood that you can’t act. Purva says I am failure too. She tells that she tried to handled things like him, but she couldn’t and says everything depends on him now. Vedant says I want to become your that friend with whom you can share all your pain. Purva looks at him. Vedant tells that he will get his phone from the lawn and goes.

Gomti keeps her hand inside the dustbin and gets mutton kabab. Sumiti asks if she is searching wealth. Gomti says it is the mutton kabab, ticket to send Purva to her house. She tells that this mutton box will be found in between the havan ingredients. Narendra asks we are doing havan for purification of house. Gomti says we have to do this and asks them to keep between the havan stuff. Ramesh comes there and tells that they have to do this. Vedant comes and asks what they shall do.

Vedant asking Ramesh what work needs to be done? Ramesh says there are some rules of Sanjeevani sadan and if someone breaks it then they have to leave the house. Vedant takes his phone and goes. Ramesh says this girl work is over, now it is Guddali lal’s turn. He goes to room and sees Purva talking to Nani. Nani cries badly and wishes to die. Purva tells Vedant that she will go to Nani’s house and hug her.

Vedant asks her to come fast and sit for havan. Purva says Dadi asked me not to sit. Vedant says she is angry, but if you sit then she will be happy. Purva says ok, I will come and sit. Vedant smiles. Song plays…Dekha hai…..Sumiti asks Narendra to give the ticket to kick out Maharani. Narendra gives her tiffin. Purva comes to kitchen and searches for the tiffin.

She tells Manjula. Sumiti keeps tiffin in the havan ingredients and tells it is done. Purva comes and asks if she saw the tiffin. Sumiti don’t tell her anything and goes. Dadi comes and asks Ramesh if the ingredients are brought. Ramesh says yes. Purva sees tiffin in the box and tries to take it. Ramesh collides with her intentionally and makes the mutton pieces and tiffin fall down. Dadi sees it and gets shocked.

Ramesh scolds Purva for making the place impure again intentionally. Gomti says she made the kitchen impure yesterday and now she has kept the tiffin in Havan stuff to ruin the havan. She asks Vedant to suffocate and kill them. Purva says this is wrong and asks why she will keep the box here when she knows the house rules. Gomti asks if we are doing this and asks why we will do. Purva says because you wanted me to leave the house. Gomti asks Vedant to see her behavior and says she will separate us all. Vedant says box was washed yesterday.

Gomti says you are taking revenge on us. Vedant says Purva will not do this. Dadi asks Ramesh to kick the havan stuff and get fresh havan stuff again. She asks Vedant to handle Purva. Gomti asks Ramesh to kick the real garbage from the house and purify the house. She smirks. Ramesh smiles. Vedant comes to Dadi and tells her that Purva is already upset. Dadi says if I am wrong and Purva is right. Vedant says I am doing what you have taught me and tells about Dada ji and her teachings. He says I can’t leave this relation. Dadi feels proud of Vedant and thinks whatever I am doing today is for your betterment.

Purva packs her stuff. Vedant asks why she is packing? Purva says she is not having any choice now. Vedant says weak people talk like this, but you are wrong. Purva says she can’t think like him and says it is not easy for her to go to Nani’s house. Vedant asks her to go to Nani’s house and then return home. He says he is going to hospital and will return home together.

Purva comes to Dadi’s house with her baggage and says I am going to my house, I know you are upset with me, but I wanted to take your blessings before going. Dadi says you wants to go. Purva says she is leaving for house peace. Dadi tells that Dada ji married her when she was 17-18 years, and it as not easy for her to handle relations, but her husband told that everything will be fine with time. She asks if this is your last decision.

Purva says it is best for house. She comes out and sees Sumiti and Gomti standing out. She comes to Nani’s house and tells that she left the house. Nani says this is not right. Purva says nobody asked for water and opens the fridge, but it is off. She switches on the light, but it is off. She asks why it is off and checks the bills. Pankhudi says it is your responsibility, house used to run with your money, just now I started internship and tuitions. Purva thinks she had decided to take up job after marriage with Rahul and tells that she will do job and handle her responsibility. Nani asks her to go home.

Purva says nobody needs me there. Nani asks her to think about whatever Vedant has done for her. Vedant returns home and thinks Purva haven’t come till now. Dadi comes to Vedant and asks if she didn’t return yet. Vedant asks why you didn’t forgive her? Dadi says she forgave her when she cleaned the kitchen. She tells that if his hopes is strong then Purva will come surely else he has to forget her.

The Good Son 16th June 2021 Update ends as Vedant gets sad. Gomti, Narendra, and Ramesh celebrate their victory. Gomti says she never felt proud of her talent. They all laugh. Just then they see Purva walking inside the house and get shocked.