The Upper Room 4th May 2023 Devotional – Childlike Awe

The Upper Room Daily Devotional, Thursday May 4, 2023 Message

The Upper Room 4th May 2023 Devotional
The Upper Room Daily Devotional 4th May 2023

The Upper Room 4th May 2023 Daily Devotional, Thursday Message by John Alter (Florida, USA)

TOPIC: Childlike Awe

Matthew 18:1-5

KEY VERSE: Jesus said, “Whoever becomes humble like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 18:4 (NRSV)

I have never forgotten an experience from first grade. It happened on a Monday. Just the day before I had attended junior church, a special class for children a bit too young to get the most from the adult worship service. Our teacher talked to us that day about how we will always have a friend in Jesus. He is with us hand-in-hand every day, she told us.

On that memorable Monday as I walked to school, I recalled my Sunday school teacher’s message. Suddenly, I raised my right hand and imagined grasping Jesus’ hand. Even now, decades later, I still have a vivid and comforting recollection of that experience.

As we mature, we often lose that simple relationship with Jesus. But Jesus made it clear that we need to “change and become like children” (Matt. 18:3), thinking and living humbly. I believe that means we must maintain a simple, unspoiled relationship with Jesus Christ. As we maintain that link with Christ in our prayers and thoughts, we may find ourselves reaching to grasp Jesus’ hand that is always reaching out to us.

Dear Jesus Christ, help us maintain a childlike awe in our relationship with you. May we always sense your presence with us, guiding us through each day. Amen.

Every day I can grasp the guiding hand of Jesus.

For a childlike faith in God

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