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The Wedding That Never Happened…


Nonso and Ada were two love birds who just couldn’t keep away from each other. Everybody in the village knew that it was a sure thing that one day they would get married. So it was not a big surprise when Nonso and his kinsmen came to Ada’s parents to ask for her hand in marriage. A date was soon fixed for the wedding. Ada and Nonso were extremely excited and looked forward to their wedding. They were counting down to that great day.

One day, Nonso came to Ada’s house to see her. He told her that he was going for a very important business trip and would be back in two days. They bid each other goodbye. It was a normal thing. Nonso often travelled to buy goods for his business. Nobody smelt danger or tragedy in the offing. Nonso travelled the next morning and was involved in a ghastly crash that killed him on the spot.

When the news got to Ada, she was devastated. How could this happen? All the wedding plans had been made – they were just counting down to the ceremony. Ada was in shock. She locked herself up in her room and wept inconsolably. Within a few days, Ada was an emotional wreck. Her parents were alarmed. All their entreaties to her fell on deaf ears. Everyone was confused. No one knew what to do.

This went on for three long months! Then one day, Ada came to herself: “How long will I continue like this? Nonso my love is dead, but I know he would want me to go on with my life.” And that morning, for the first time in three months, Ada took a refreshing bath, put on her best dress and went out to visit friends. In no time, Ada’s life took a new turn. She began to socialize, and one short year later, she met Arinze, a young executive of a major corporation, and they were married six months later.

MORAL: Life is not always fair. We may not be able to control all the events of our lives but within us is what it takes to overcome every challenge – if we don’t quit.

Written by Kaycee Okuma. You can reach Kaycee at www.kayceeokuma.com


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