This is Fate 27 July 2020 Update

This is Fate 27 July 2020 Update
This is Fate 27 July 2020 Update on Zee World

This is Fate 27 July 2020 Update starts as Rishab and Karan are standing, Rishab is asked to come, he starts to walk unwillingly, and he gets a call and leaves mentioning that he has to go to his office for some important work and leaves.

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Sherlin is sitting when Karan comes saying that he is not interested in doing and will is going to help Rishab, Rakhi stops him saying that he should not worry as everything will also happen without him, she advises him to give any gift which he wants to, and also give Sherlin his blessings, when asked he mentions that he will give her advice and nothing more, everyone starts to taunt him but Dadi asks them to stop saying that he can give it whenever he wants.

Karan goes to her thinking of all that she said to him about being invincible and also that he will not leave her and will expose her regarding her pregnancy no matter the consequence, he leaves, Dadi asks Rakhi go after him but she mentions that it will be Preeta and she will do the ritual, Karan stoops asking her to come with him, he says that did she think that he was lying when he said that he will leave the house if Preeta comes, she says that she thought he was joking , explaining that Preeta is like her golden charm and everything happens for the best when she is with her so he must bear her this once just for her. Karan however refuses to stay and leaves but just as he reaches the door, Preeta arrives with Shrishti.

Karan and Preeta both think, he thinks that she came even when he threw her out, Preeta thinks that she came even when she did not want to, Rakhi requests him to not say anything just for her. Karan meanwhile is standing in real frustration, Rakhi hugs Preeta and thanks Shrishti for bringing Preeta to their function, Shrishti mentions that it was very difficult to bring and was really next to impossible, but she did it, Rakhi requests that they both come in and take them to the party, Shrishti also wishes Samer along the way.

Prithvi is really smiling thinking how angry Karan is with her and what the extent of their friendship at some point was.Rakhi introduces Preeta to everyone saying that she is really special and she wants her to do the ritual even before her, Preeta goes to Sherlin and starts to taunt her saying that everyone might be in the dark regarding the truth of her character but she knows that the truth will really come out at some time in the future which will the end of her time in the Luthra mansion.

She mentions that she has only one thing worth fighting in her life and that is to get her out of the house, she then hands her the gift blessing her for the event, making Sherlin really nervous, she goes to stand with everyone else.Sherlin stands from the stage and removes the veil to everyone’s disappointment, Prithvi thinks why is she so over confident and this will really ruin them, Karina goes to her asking her why does she not understand and she had to remain in the veil but she totally ruined the ritual, Sherlin apologi9zes asking for some time to rest.Preeta thinks that she got scared just after hearing her words but now she has harmed her and her family, she also has tried to threaten the Luthra family and now she will make sure that Sherlin does not do anything wrong to the Luthra family who are all really nice people.

Shrishti is walking when Samer calls her asking why did Sarla and everyone else not come she says that she did not tell them anything and it is because the way things are between them they cannot let the two elders meet as it will create a lot of problems for them.She says that they discussed in the night that they must remove the misunderstandings between Karna and Preeta, He asks for a plan so she emotions that they will lock them both in a room which will force them to discuss and remove the misunderstandings. They both agree and walk towards the party.

Sanjana is with Karina, she sees Prithvi and starts to stare at him, Karina sees her asking what is wrong with her and why is she looking at him, she says that she does not like Prithvi and he was after Sherlin, she gets really nervous which allows Karina to push her asking what is wrong, Sanjana is about to say that both Sherlin and Prithvi are connected which leaves Karina in a tension.

Sherlin is in her room thinking of how both Karan and Preeta threatened to expose her, she says that she has a solution to Preeta and that is Prithvi.Prithvi sees Sanjana and thinks that something is wrong, he goes to her and just when she is about to say the truth he stops her saying that she was about to say that he hates Sherlin and that is the truth, he explains that it is because Preeta also hates her, his phone rings but he does not focus to which Karina says that he must pick it up, he asks for their excuse, Sherlin is om the phone asking him to come to her room, he tries to say that he cannot come because Sanjana and Karina are both trying to destroy him so he has to stay with them. She then threatens him which causes him to give in.

Prithvi is walking towards Sherlin’s room when Sanjana calls him asking where he is going, he says that he is going to meet Sherlin, she says that she is married and he is not to meet her, Prithvi taunts her mention that it was the thing which they both were talking and he cannot stop so will meet Sherlin, he says that if she says that the truth of him this will not only cause him to leave the house but it will also ruin the life of Sherlin which will not affect him in the slightest way. He tries to misbehave but she stops him saying that he cannot be a true person and his character cannot change, he is like a dog, which cannot learn, she warns him to stay away from Sherlin, he says that he wants to but her daughter has become a bomb which can blast at any given moment, she mentions that her daughter is an idiot but he is intelligent and so must leave the house, he explains that this is the same thing which he said but Sherlin threatened that she will come to the ritual if he does not come to meet her, so if she wants the ritual to not continue then he will leave, he tries to walk away but she calls him saying that she knows Sherlin and if she has said that she will not attend then he can meet her, he walks away saying that he also does what he does not say.

Sanjana is in the party and after seeing Preeta, thinks that she feels really worried for her but she has come between her daughter’s revenge and she will have to eventually support her own daughter. Karan comes down the stairs with Samer, but seeing Preeta he asks Samer to bring the phone and tell after him after Preeta leaves,

Samer calls Shrishti saying that Karan does not even want to see her face and so what should they do to make them talk, they both discuss a lot of plans and then decide on stealing her phone, she makes her leave her phone on the table and when they are finished Rakhi gets really worried when he does not see the phone, Samer comes saying that he saw her phone in Karan’s room, she ask him to get it but he along with Samer refuse to go there, so Preeta has to go to get the phone,

Sarla is in the market buying vegetables when she hears someone walking behind her, after thinking she remembers that it is the voice of the kidnapper.Preeta entered the room and starts to look for the phone but she sees Karan coming out of the room, they both come in front and try to walk away but cannot because of their feelings.

Karan mentions that he is not at all happy to see her, she explains that she knows it, he asks her the reason for coming when she knew that he will not like that she came back because his hatred is long lasting and will remain till he is alive, he says that he will not fall for her and then why did she came because she is very cruel and intelligent, Preeta explains that she came to his house because of Rakhi because she forced her to come and she could not hear no from her, Karan says that she is not worthy to come to their house, she asks him to stop because she also has some self-respect and she could not forget what he said to her and the way he behaved with her was not at all respectful, he says that she can meet with Sherlin for whom she has come to the party and leave them once and for all.

Prithvi is walking and very worried about Sherlin’s mother and Sarla, and the way they are all taunting him, he is about to go in Rishab’s room when he sees Karina sitting there.Katina says to Sherlin that she also doesn’t like Preeta and Shrishti in their house but her family supports them a lot so she is quiet, Rishab also0 has a soft corner for Preeta and does not refuse her in any manner, but she must not take any sort of tension because she will take care of everything. Sherlin mentions that she also does not like Preeta and Shrishti and asks for some time, thinking that she has to talk with Prithvi.

Karina leaves, Prithvi hurriedly enters the room asking what she has to say, she mentions that she wants Preeta out of her life, he gets really shocked asking if it was the only thing, she says that she wants him to get married with Preeta as soon as possible because if he does not do it then their plan will be ruined because Rakhi and everyone else in the Luthra family still trust her a lot so if she comes to the house she then they cannot do anything possible to take the property for their revenge.

Prithvi explains that he is really happy thinking of her plan and will do it, he says that he is very lucky as his girlfriend told him to get married with Preeta, he says that he will become a very good husband because he loves Preeta and also that he will be a good son in law for Sarla also because she is very nice.

Sarla is standing in the market she sees the man who was behind hurting Preeta and the reason Rishab got married with Sherlin, Karan and Preeta are no longer friends, she vows to get him arrested, she walks towards him thinking that she will take him to the Luthra mansion so that he can say the truth in front of them and everything which Preeta has been blamed for will be wiped out.

Rishab is in his office thinking what Karan said regarding that he did everything he could to stop his wedding but was not able to because Preeta never showed with the reports proving that Sherlin was pregnant and so they could not stop their wedding, Rishab asks to postpone the meeting for the next day, his employee asks the participants to be patient as they will continue but they also say that they will do it the next day.

Shrishti says to Samer that it has been very long that Preeta went to Karan room and if they do not come then it means they have removed the misunderstandings, Samer refuses when he sees Karan, Shrishti says that he is looking very angry and this will mean Preeta is also angry, She sees Prithvi and gets angry when she sees that he is happy. Preeta also comes and is looking very angry, Shrishti wonders that their plan has backfired and that nothing has been so right.

Prithvi calls Preeta introducing her to everyone saying that they will soon be married and she is a really nice girl. Samer and Preeta both do not like the way Prithvi is looking at Preeta they plan to hurt him allot. Preeta ask Shrishti if they should go back, Shrishti makes an excuse that they will soon get married.

Karan comes to Smear asking him for his phone, he hand s him Rakhi phone by mistake, Preeta hears their conversations hristhy gets angry at him for doing suc a thing, Preeta thinks that this meant she was sent to Karan’s room by purpose so that they could talk, Both Shrishti and Samer run from the scene to escape Preeta.

Preeta and Karan both are left in the hall, they look angrily at each other, Prithvi comes in between them after which Karan leaves, Prithvi says to Preeta that whenever she wants to leave she can call him and he will drop her of. Prithvi goes to Karan saying that he is very happy, Karan says that this is for some time and he will not remain happy.

This is Fate 27 July 2020 Update ends as Prithvi thinks that he is very lucky he is going to marry the girl whose friend is no longer friends with her and the other is married with Sherlin so now he can do what he wants.

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