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US President ATTACKS' Donald Trump warns that ‘horror’ of Manchester will ‘continue forever’ if world leaders fail to tackle it


UNITED STATES PRESIDENT, DONALD TRUMP has warned the world that the “horror” of the Manchester attacks could “continue forever” if leaders fail to tackle extremist threats.

Theresa May appeared unimpressed with the President as they met today in Brussels – where she confronted him over repeated US leaks of key evidence in the Manchester terror attack investigation.

She vowed to make clear to him that shared intelligence “must remain secure” as police continue making arrests in the probe into the deadly bombing.

Mrs May said earlier today that the threat level would remain at a critical level, warning the public to “remain vigilant”.

President Trump described the Manchester atrocity as a “barbaric and vicious attack” on our civilisation as he gave a speech at the new Nato headquarters.

He said it showed the “depths of the evil we face with terrorism” and again called the terrorists “losers”.

“Terrorism must be stopped in its tracks or the horror you saw in Manchester and so many other places will continue forever.

“We have thousands and thousands of people pouring into our many countries and spreading throughout.

“We must be strong and we must be vigilant,” he said.

But the so-called ‘Special Relationship’ is again under massive strain after an extraordinary transatlantic row broke out this week at the “arrogant” disclosures from across the pond.

Remarkable scenes-of-crime photographs were published by the New York Times last night showing blood-stained fragments of the device used to kill 22 people at the Manchester Arena. Read More


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