'I was born without a vagina' – Wife opens up

A HEARTLESS husband has outraged many after it was revealed that he was divorcing his wife because she doesn’t have a vagina.

Alejandro took to the Spanish equivalent of TV show Judge Rinder, named Caso Cerrado (or Case Closed) to claim that he wanted to divorce his wife because she was having a lesbian affair with her own step-mother.

But when the truth behind his divorce demand was revealed, viewers were left outraged.

Many blasted the man for his claims about his wife Tania – and even the TV host, Ana María Polo, couldn’t believe her ears.

Alejandro had initially claimed that on his and Tania’s wedding night, he caught his wife in bed with her adopted mother and that the pair had been having sexual relations.

He told the show: “I know what I saw, I got mad and left and moved in with a friend.

“I’ve been living there for a month now while they’re living a life of sin inside my apartment.

But Judge Ana María wasn’t having it, she added: “Your story seems superficial to me.”

This is when it was revealed that Alejandro wasn’t giving the full story.

A tearful Tania then revealed: “What I don’t get is why he’s omitted the main problem.

“I’m not like other women; I was born without a vagina.

“I was born with Rokitansky syndrome.”

Also known as Mayer Rokitansky Kuster Hauser (MRKH), the condition affects one in 5,000 women – leaving them without a vagina, cervix or uterus.

Source: TheSunUk

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