What Hartlepool teachers have given up for Lent – Hartlepool Mail

It’s going to be challenging but these Hartlepool lecturers are giving up the things they love for Lent.

Sweets, chocolate, bread and social media are all out for one of the crucial team of workers at English Martyrs college in Catcote highway. It’s their manner of assisting the season of reflection and training before the celebrations of Easter

by using staring at the forty days of Lent, Christians replicate Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and withdrawal into the wilderness for forty days. Lent is marked with the aid of fasting, each from food and festivities.

personnel may return to the things they love on Easter Sunday.

Head teacher Stephen Hammond became giving up sugar in its sophisticated kinds, similar to sugary drinks, chocolate, and sweets. He spoke of: “I actually have a true sweet enamel so it’s going to be specially complicated. despite the fact, it’s beneficial to have colleagues within our community at English Martyrs all assisting one an extra within the very own challenges we’ve set ourselves.”

Jane Johnson within the library and faculty chaplain Anne-Marie Lavelle had been both planning to stay away from social media. Anne-Marie stated: “commonly the hardest half is finding out what to surrender, however once that determination has been made the next hardest part is sticking to it. besides the fact that children, one of the vital main focuses of Lent is that if we fail, we can start once more.”

Head of ICT Bernadette Malcolmson changed into planning to assert goodbye to her love of fizzy drinks for Lent. Helen Crank turned into one among a couple of workforce who have been determining chocolate as their sacrifice.

Emma Fox in English is giving up caffeine whereas Mrs Julie Johnson, a Pastoral aid Officer, pledged to now not buy any objects of clothing over the next forty day. day to day she will take an item out of her dresser and put in a charity bag.

When the bag is full, she plans to take it to a charity store.

Others had been picking to take on challenges in preference to give up something. Nick Dunn in RE changed into planning to claim the Divine workplace, which is the recitation of definite Christian prayers at mounted hours.

And Andrew McAllister from the song branch was taking part in an initiative referred to as forty Acts which encourages people to do something new during Lent and do 40 acts of kindness.

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