What Pogba said on hospital bed after surgery

Injured Manchester United player, Paul Pogba, has taken to social media to let fans know about his state of health after recently undergoing an ankle surgery.

Pogba who has only made eight appearances for Manchester United this season because of the ankle injury, took to Instagram to joke about his state of health.

Speaking on his Instagram stories on Tuesday afternoon, Pogba said: ‘I don’t even know if I’m high or sober, well I don’t look sober.

‘You see my ankle like that, I can’t even feel my toes, but I’m still alive, that’s good news. I’ll keep you updated.’

Pogba added: ‘I’ve still got the smile’.

Looking at two pieces of bread, he said: ‘It’s one thing I don’t understand, what do you want me to do with this?

‘I can drink my pee pee, it looks like apple juice, fresh one.

‘I think people told me that I look drunk. I didn’t drink alcohol, they give me some things on my arm, I don’t know what’s that.

‘I woke up, I couldn’t lift up my leg and I was like ‘where am I, in Manchester? In Paris? In Guinea?’

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