World leaders are happy with Buhari, Nigerians should clap for him – Lai Mohammed


Mohammed, minister of information and culture, on Sunday said President
Muhammadu Buhari has earned the respect and appreciation of global
leaders, and this should be a source of hope and pride to Nigerians.
According to a statement he released in Lagos on Sunday, Buhari received
“ringing global endorsement” from world leaders at the 71st session of
the UN General Assembly in the US.
He said;
“The global
community appreciated the giant strides that have been made by President
Buhari’s administration in fighting terrorism and corruption, as well
as in deftly managing the nation’s economy at a time of global economic
downturn,” Lai said.

“This is an indication that the administration is on course in its quest to ensure a better life for the people.”

spite of the attempts by naysayers to pull the wool over the eyes of
Nigerians, the achievements of the administration in the areas of
economy, security and the fight against corruption have not gone
unnoticed globally.

“World leaders, including US
President Barrack Obama; UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, French
President Francois Hollande and Switzerland’s President Johann
Schneider-Ammann, all took turns to extol President Buhari’s leadership.

should be a source of hope and pride to Nigerians, who have borne the
brunt of the difficulties associated with the current economic downturn
as well as the country’s negative global image in the past.”

He thanked Nigerians for their perseverance and support, saying the tough times would not last.

said that the fact that the president was able to highlight and seek a
global rallying point on critical issues during his trip, would have a
positive effect on the country.

”The president sent a
clear and direct message to world leaders on such issues as poverty,
climate change, terrorism, plight of IDPs
arising from Boko Haram activities,” he added.

also passed the message on diversification of the economy and the
creation of enabling environment for Foreign Direct Investment in

“The timing of the president’s message and the
platform in which he highlighted those issues could not have been more
apt. It will undoubtedly complement the administration’s efforts at
tackling those key issues.”

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