Zara’s Nikah 29th November 2020 Update

Zara's Nikah 29th November 2020 Update, Zara’s Nikah 29th November 2020 Update, Premium News24

Zara’s Nikah 29th November 2020 Update on Zee World

Zara’s Nikah 29th November 2020 Update starts as Kabir is looking for girls. One man tells him street. Zara is in that street searching for dupattas. Kabir comes there and sees Zara. He is in shock. He hides in a dupatta and sees Zara searching for perfect dupatta.

He turns to leave from there but Zara comes infront of him. Kabir greets her, they awkwardly handshake. Zara caresses his face. Kabir tucks her hair behind air and offers her a flower. Zara puts it in her hair.. it all turns out to be Kabir’s dream and he didnt see Zara. Kabir smiles and puts hand on his heart.

Kabir comes to shop and sees girls with back to them. He says excuse me but one dupatta falls on his face. Zara laughs and doesnt see his face. She gets a call and leaves. Zara’s cousin asks what? Kabir says sorry.. you are Dapi? Dapi thinks Nusu keeps calling me Dapi instead of Aapi. Kabir says sorry on behalf of my nephew, its really good that you teach younger girls to respect opinion of others. Dapi thinks that he is so hot, she says its okay and leaves.

A man comes near car and sees Nusu and Amaan there. He calls his man and tells him there are two kids here. Kabir comes to kids. He plays with him but goons come there, they grab Kabir and puts kids in car and leaves. Kabir is shocked and runs behind them. Zara comes there and sees car driving away. Kabir drives on a bike. Zara sits in car with cousin and follows them. Zara asks driver to drive fast. Dapi is tensed.

Amaan says to Nusu that Kabir will save us. Goon ask them to stay silent. Kabir is following them on a bike. Kabir arrives at their site and sees them holding kids hostage. He starts fighting with them. Goons run from there. Kabir takes Nusu and Amaan with him.Zara arrives at site with cousin and sees Nusu missing.

Mina is a doctor and looking at files. Nurse comes. Mina asks her to bring all reports of Zara, she is going to Mumbai and should have all reports with her.

Nusu is injured so Kabir brings her to hospital. He strikes with nurse and Zara’s reports fall from her hands. Nurse says what happened to Nusu? Kabir says you know her? She says dont worry. Nurse says someone collect Zara Ahmed’s reports. Kabir is stunned to hear that.

Mina calls Zara.. Zara says Nusu.. Mina says its good that great person brought her to hospital, she is here, bring Azra (Dapi/Zara’s cousin) and come here.

Kabir collects Zara’s reports and looks at name. Nurse takes it from him but he is in shock. He looks at some reports on floor and is stunned to see her brain condition. He recalls Zara getting shot. Zara runs to hospital with Azra. She strikes with Kabir but they dont see each other and she runs away.

Zara comes to Nusu and checks her. Mina says thank God that guy saved her. Nusu says that he fought with goons so well. Zara says I am so grateful for him. Azra says he is same man who praised your thoughts. Mina says nurse told me he is sitting outside. Zara says lets go to meet and thank him.

Kabir comes to nurse and asks what Zara’s reports say? Nurse says we can tell you how much she recovered, doctor is her aunt so you can ask her.Zara comes in lounge but doesnt find anyone. Mina asks her to go and take her file. Zara goes.

Nurse says to Kabir that we can give information to family only, who are you to her? Kabir says I had a relation, I have a relation. Zara is outside room where Kabir is but doesnt see him. Kabir recalls incident where Zara got shot. How he took her to hospital. He turns and sees someone standing outside room. Flashback shows how Kabir came to injured Zara’s room and tried to tell her that she is fine.

Shahbaz says you have to stop, what about your promise on Quran? your relation with Zara is above Quran? Kabir is angry. Nurse sees Zara’s health deteriorating and goes to call doctor. Shahbaz says that Zara doesnt need you. Flashback ends.

Alina says to Shahbaz that me and Ayesha are going for shopping. Zeenat says I will go too. Ayesha says no.. Alina wants to eat Biryani so you have to make it. Alina says you can tell me what you want. Zeenat says no need, you can go. Alina and Ayesha leaves.

Zara is crying in hospital. Azra asks what happened? Zara says I feel Kabir near me, why cant I separate my thoughts? I was in coma, I fought so much but he never asked how I am? I cant stop thinking about him. Azra goes to call mother. Zara cries for Kabir.

Zeenat is angry and works in kitchen, she says I feel like a servant here. I will make Kabir and Zara get divorced, they cant stop me.

Nurse tells that Kabir that doctor told me that Zara’s health is improving. Kabir thanks her and leaves.

Nurse comes to Zara and says someone was asking about your health. She brings her to room but Kabir is gone. Nurse said that he said he has relation with Zara. Nusu comes there and says I have to thank Amaan and his uncle. Zara says what? Nusu says Amaan’s uncle saved me. Zara recalls all moments and says it was Kabir.. Amaan and Kabir? She runs from there.

Zara’s Nikah 29th November 2020 Update ends as Zara keeps running and comes out of hospital. Kabir is leaving. Zara runs but Kabir leaves. Zara smiles and falls down, she says to Azra that I was right. Kabir was here, he asked about my health, he cares for me, maybe he wanted to talk to me, he doesnt want to end our relation. Azra hugs her.

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