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Read what happened to Ryan Giggs after he was spotted chatting to mystery brunette on holiday


FRIENDS of Ryan Giggs were forced to break up an argument after the ex-footballer got into a row with a group of men during a holiday.

Ryan Giggs and Mystery brunette

The Manchester United legend has been on a lads’ holiday on the Spanish island of Majorca and trouble flared while he was at a seaside bar.

He and pals were spotted drinking with a mystery brunette but friends stepped in after an argument broke out with other patrons, the Mirror reported.

It is understood that a couple of local men tried to pick a fight with the one-time Wales ace who was seen holding one of his pals back as the group squared off against each other.

But no violence broke out between them and they soon went their separate ways.

Giggs was later seen taking a stroll on the beach with the mystery brunette and one holidaymaker told the newspaper: “They both seemed happy and relaxed, enjoying each other’s company. Even the local lads trying to start trouble didn’t seem to bother him too much.”

The 43-year-old was a coach for the Old Trafford club until last summer and is currently fighting a much publicised divorce against his 38-year-old wife Stacey.

Read what happened to Ryan Giggs after he was spotted chatting to mystery brunette on holiday

Legal proceedings over how to divide up his £40million fortune have now reached the High Court with divorce experts estimating she will receive around half his money.

It could be one of the largest divorce settlements involving a British sportsman in history with news of the financial dispute only becoming public in February.

The couple have been in a relationship since 2002 and were wed in 2007 but the marriage has been beset by infidelity.

Mr Giggs was revealed to have had relationships with Big Brother star Imogen Thomas and his sister-in-law Natasha Giggs.

The tricky winger spent £150,000 in a legal effort to stop his affair with Ms Thomas from becoming public and had tried to prevent the press from reporting on proceedings in the High Court before withdrawing the application.

It is understood that Mrs Giggs called time on the relationship after catching her husband flirting with waitresses at a restaurant he owned.

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