Anglican Daily Fountain Devotional 24th January 2023 – You Are A Stranger In This Country

Daily Fountain Devotional 24th January 2023
Anglican Daily Fountain Devotional 24th January 2023 Tuesday Daily Devotional Reading 

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TOPIC: You Are A Stranger In This Country

TEXT: Genesis 37:1-11(NKJV)

STUDY: Today’s text indicates that Jacob dwelt in the land where his father was a stranger. Since Jacob loved Joseph more than all his children plus the fact that Joseph brought bad reports about his brothers to his father made them to hate him. The two dreams of Joseph’s superiority attracted more hatred from his brothers.

In your family and place of work, even if you are favoured above other children or staff, please conduct your life and activities with circumspection and humility. If you must bring any report about your siblings, fellow staff or students, ensure the report is true, objective, correct, and without malice; and do not bring false reports. Christians must understand that they are stranger on earth. This world is not your home; you are only on a pilgrimage and will depart one day.

Heaven is your home, but heaven will not accommodate sinners, cheats (whether in marriage or business), the wicked, occultic, greedy, liars, corrupt, and as many as thrive in enmity. You must be careful how you live on earth. How are you preparing for the day you will leave planet earth? Commit your life to Jesus today and begin a relationship with God.

PRAYER: Guide me, o thou great Redeemer, Pilgrim through this barren land, Amen.

DAILY FOUNTAIN QUOTE OF THE DAY: My love will persevere through every situation. 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

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