Hillary Clinton to return to the campaign trail Thursday


UNITED STATES – Clinton will return to campaigning Thursday after canceling a West Coast trip to recover from a bout of pneumonia, her spokesman Nick Merrill said in an email Tuesday.

Merrill said Clinton spent the day at her home in Chappaqua, N.Y., on the phone, “catching up on reading briefings” and watching President Obama on TV as he campaigned for her in Philadelphia.

The Democratic presidential nominee is scheduled to speak in Greensboro, N.C., Thursday, according to her campaign. North Carolina is an important battleground state and polling has indicated the race there is very tight. She will then attend a gala dinner at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute in Washington, D.C., later that night.

Clinton has been sidelined with pneumonia since abruptly leaving a 9/11 memorial event and having to be helped into a van on Sunday. The campaign initially said the former secretary of State had “overheated,” but later revealed that she had been diagnosed with the illness on Friday.

Clinton did not disclose her diagnosis earlier because she “didn’t think it was going to be that big a deal,” she told CNN’s Anderson Cooper during a phone interview Monday.

“I’m feeling so much better. and obviously I should have gotten some rest sooner,” she told Cooper. Her doctor had told her to rest for five days, but she ignored the advice because she thought she “could power through it,” she said.

Her campaign received criticism from political commentators and the Trump campaign for the lack of transparency about her illness. Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway tweeted that a “lack of transparency is an overarching theme” of the Clinton campaign. An Internet conspiracy has even sprouted that speculates Clinton used a body double in the wake of her departure from the Ground Zero ceremony.

Clinton admitted that “maybe weren’t fast enough” in getting the information to the media.

On Monday, former president Bill Clinton said his wife  “just got dehydrated” and that she was “doing fine” after “a good’s night’s sleep.”

She had planned to campaign in Las Vegas on Wednesday and former president Bill Clinton will headline the event in her place, the Associated Press reported.

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