King of Hearts 11 September 2019 Update on Zee World

King of Hearts 11 September 2019 Update starts with Kritika waking up in bed next to Yash. She quickly jumps up when she sees him. Yash is half dressed with his shirt buttons open. Sam knocks on the door, calling Yash. Kritika hides behind the door. Sam opens the door and knows she’s there. She goes to Yash on the bed, trying to wake him up and asking for his forgiveness. She closes the door and pretends to be shocked to see Kritika. She yells and Yash wakes up. She asks how did she get here!

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Yash says they were having food and then they don’t know what happened. Kritika says she doesn’t know what’s going on. Yash says it’s a misunderstanding as he and Kritika were only working. Sam gives Kritika a slap. Yash tells her to stop and says it is a conspiracy! Sam says she can’t believe she would catch them red handed!

Sam brings out her Phone and takes a photo of them, and says lets see what I do with you! Yash and Krutika try to stop her. Sam sends the picture to someone and smirks and then leaves the room.

DD tells Kesar that everything has to be perfect for the party. The decorators comes to the house. Kesar tells them to get to work. They signal Shabnam and one of them asks for some water. Shabnam tells Kesar that she will get the water. When she serves him the water, the fake decorator reminds her of their plan and tells her to be quiet about it.

Sid’s GrandAunt flogs Kritika badly with a cane, saying she has shamed their family! Sid’s Grandmother begs her to stop. Samaira is watching them. Sid’s Grandmother begs her not to show the photos to anyone because of their family’s reputation.

King of Hearts 11 September 2019 Update on Zee World

Sam says she won’t show it to anyone but she wants to speak with Kritika privately! Sid’s Grandmother cries while Sid’s GrandAunt thinks Sam will do for her betterment!
Kritika pleads with Sam, saying she can’t do what she has asked her to do.

Sid’s GrandAunt enters the room and asks what’s going on? Kritika says Sam wants her to get married and she doesn’t want to because she is still in love with Rajveer. Sid’s Grandaunt tells Sam to excuse them. Sam leaves and Sid’s GrandAunt asks if Kritika wants to bring shame to their family! She asks what will happen if Simran finds out and the news is all over the media! Kritika pleads with her. Sam tells her to decide!

The preparations for the party is underway. Some guests are in the garden and some are inside the house. The Men who spoke to Shabnam earlier are working. Aisha runs up to one of them and calls him ‘Uncle’. He tells her to run along. She falls down and her dress is stained. DD sees her and asks how she stained her clothes with petrol? DD asks who has kept kerosene oil there and asks to remove it! She decides to take her back inside the house to get changed.

Sid and Roshni are in the garden. Aisha is hiding under the table. She sees a Man hiding under the table and asks what an adult like him is doing there? He says his name is Mr. Singh and he owns the catering company. He hears the Men pretending to be decorators discussing how they are going to burn a rope, so that a signpost falls and kills Roshni! King of Hearts 11 September 2019 Update

Sid’s grandmother and Kritika arrive. Sid asks Kritika if she’s okay? She says she is fine. Roshni asks Shabnam why she looks nervous and should celebrate the function. Shabnam lies that she is fine. Aisha stands with Roshni and Kritika under the signpost. Shabnam begs Aisha to come to with her. Aisha says she doesn’t want to go.

Inside the house, the family members are gathered. Yash looks at Krutika and they get uncomfortable looking at each other. Sam asks Kritika if she has made up her mind or she should tell everyone what Kritika has done?

Roshni’s friend, Chanchal arrives. Sid tells Roshni that he will take Aisha to have food and asks Roshni to talk to Chanchal.

Shabnam is relieved that Aisha is now safe. Roshni’s friend goes into the garden and Roshni is alone by the entrance. Shabnam gives the Men a signal.

Sid takes Aisha into the house. DD asks where Roshni is? Sid says she’s outside. DD says she would like to go and meet her. Aisha says she forgot her doll outside. Sid says they would all go. Sid and DD get outside.

The Men burn the ropes holding the pillars at the garden entrance. The signpost is falling and over Roshni.

Sid screams her name. Mr. Raftaar Singh who overheard the plans of the Men earlier, pushes Roshni out of the way and holds up the signpost just in time.

Sid asks are you fine Roshni? The family members thank him for saving her. Sid thanks him especially and asks for ice to cool the bruise on his hand. Inside the house, Sid tells Roshni that he suspects foul play because Aisha’s clothes smell of petrol.

Shabnam overhears them and tells the guys that they have to leave before Sid finds them. Sid sees them and as they are about to sneak away. They lie it was kerosene and one of them who smokes forgot and lit his cigarette and that was what caused the fire. Sids warns that if he finds out they lied to him, then they would be in trouble!
DD orders a Servant to get a DVD from Roshni’s room. Rosjni’s Grandmother tells him to stay and serve the guests while she gets the DVD.

Yash sees Kritika. She tells him she has suffered enough and has to go. He holds her hand and says they have to find a way to clear their names. Sam sees them and claps her hands. She taunts them over the issue and says she should be ashamed as they are both shamelessly standing together! Kritika tries to walk away but Sam pulls her back torturing her. She twists Kritika’s hand and says she will see what’s in her which she (Sam) doesn’t have! King of Hearts 11 September 2019 Update

Yash tells her to leave Kritika alone! He says he’s disgusted and wants to leave! Sam says Yash is hurt when she hurts her and leaves her hand. Yash asks her not to do any drama! Sam pushes Kritika towards Yash and orders some Men to take photos of them! Yash asks what she’s doing and if she can’t see they are being framed!

DD is giving a speech about Aisha. She addresses the guests and tells that they are happy as a new family member has filled their life with joy.

Roshni’s Grandmother gives Kesar the DVD to play and tells him to give the DVD to DD once she finished the speech. Kesar drops it on a table and Shabnam sees it.

Sam threatens Kritika that she will send the photos round the media if she doesn’t give in and get married and says she has just 10 mins! DD finishes her speech and thanks the guests again and tells that happiness came in a small packet and blossomed fresh air in their house. She says that small packet name is Aisha. Everyone claps.

Sam tells that everyone is gathered and threatens to show her photos on the projector! Kritika begs Sam to spare her. Sam says Kritika has to get married! Kritika says she only ever loved Rajveer and has nothing with Yash. Sam tells her to give in and get married otherwise, she faces the consequences!

DD introduces Aisha to the party guests. She tells Aisha that she loves her. Sam goes to the projector and she’s about to connect the Phone to it. Kritika agrees to get married. Sam tells her to do it before the end of the month! She walks away and the DVD Kesar placed on the table, falls to the ground.

King of Hearts 11 September 2019 Update ends with Sid’s GrandAunt telling Kritika not to worry because she would help her find a good husband and thinks to send her away as soon as possible after cursing her! Kritika walks away from her.

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