Lady Luck 1 February 2020 Update on Zee World

Lady Luck 1 February 2020 Update starts when Bhoomi in front of god’s idol in hospital thinks why yuvraj told Ansh’s condition is because of her. She runs out to nearby temple. Pavitra sees yuvraj busy playing game on his mobile and asks why did he harm her brother, he would have killed Bhoomi instead and if anything happens to her brother, she will not keep quiet. He asks what she will do and says her family hates her and Ansh himself is waiting to strangulate her neck, she should be happy if he dies. She angrily walks out from there.

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Bhoomi reaches temple and prays god to save her Ansh. A lady sees her and says if she walks on burning coal and lights up lamp, devi maa will save her husband. Bhoomi thinks Ansh should not suffer because of her mistake and walks on burning coal with great difficult and after keeping lamp in devi maa’s feet falls down.

Ansh heart beat drops and doc after trying to resuscitate his pulse and heart beat with electric shock says he is dead. He then revies pulse automatically after Bhoomi’s pooja. Doc is shocked to see that and starts his efforts.

Lady tells Bhoomi that her prayers would have revived her husband’s life and helps her get up. Bhoomi says she wants to go to hospital soon. Lady say she will take her and walks with her.

Yuvraj laughs seeing Prajapati family crying outside Ansh’s ICU room. Doc comes out and says Ansh is out of danger and he had given hope, but a miracle happened. Lady brings Bhoomi and says it is because of Bhoomi’s tapasya and says she walked on burning coal for her husband’s life. Whole family get concerned for Bhoomi and make her sit on chair and then get into ICU to see Ansh. Yuvraj sits next to Bhoomi and says Ansh will die soon with an accident. Bhoomi says until she is alive, nothing will happen to Ansh.

Badi maa reaches home with family and says Bhoomi saved Maan today and they should be more alert hereon. Agram says their rival must have tried to kill Maan. Badi maa says their rival will not dare against them, someone with personal enemity did this. Latha says Maan is a sweet boy, who will try to kill him. Pavitra brings divorce papers and asks Varun if he brought them. Varun says he will discuss about it later. She asks again if he brought it or not. Surbhi tries to interfere. Pavitra slaps her and shouts to stay away from her husband.

Agram tries to interfere. She calls him old man and asks to stay away. Badi maa also tries, but Pavitra shuts her up and says Suman that her daughter wanted money than husband, so she bought Varun from her. Now they are rekindling their love and trying to kick her out, she is not a toy and she will not divorce Varun now.

Ansh wakes up and asks water. Bhoomi also in hospital clothes gives him water. Nurse comes and scolds her that her wounds will worsen. Ansh asks what happened to her. Bhoomi signals nurse to keep quiet. Nurse says she walked on burning coal in temple to save his life. He gets emotional and thanks Bhoomi. Bhoomi says she just knows that she loves him and can do anything for him. Their eyes lock and ankh micholi starts.

Pavitra sees Surbhi with Varun and says she is shameless to stay with another man even after being slapped and tells Varun that she is going to court to kick out her sautan Surbhi from their lives. Inspector comes just then and says he came to arrest Pavitra Prajapati for killing a casting agent. She says she did not kill anyone. He shows pic. she says he is actor an she shot him during shooting. Badi maa also says she was going for a film shoot. Inspector says they can express their views in court and arrests Pavitra.

Lady Luck 1 February 2020 Update  – Yuvraj enters Ansh’s room with knife. Bhoomi asks him to get out. She walks towards Ansh and she stands in between. He starts his witty dialogues and says child Ansh is sleeping calmly and if she wants to tell him about their past relationship. She pleads to go and he walks out with her. Ansh silently hears their conversation and reminisces all the incidents where Yuvraj was around Bhoomi frightening her.