Open Heaven, Monday 5 September 2022 || The Blessing of God

Open Heaven, Monday 5 September 2022
Open Heaven, Monday 5 September 2022 Daily Devotional Guide By Pastor E.A Adeboye

Open Heaven, Monday 5 September 2022 Devotional for Monday


Open Heaven, Monday 5 September 2022TOPIC: The Blessing of God

“Even by the God of thy father, who shall help thee; and by the Almighty, who shall bless thee with blessings of heaven above, blessings of the deep that lieth under, blessings of the breasts, and of the womb.” – (Genesis 49:25)

READ: Deuteronomy 28:1-14 (KJV)

Open Heaven, Monday 5 September 2022 Daily Devotional Message

The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it. – ( Proverbs 10:22)

When the Lord blesses the work of your hands, you will not only have great wealth, it will come with peace of mind. Wealth that comes from scheming and plotting against people will bring all sorts of trouble along with it. Haman was a rich man; in fact, he was second-in-command to the King yet, he was jealous and envious of Mordecai who was far below his rank (Esther 3:1-5). Do you want to enjoy great wealth as well as peace of mind? Seek the blessing of the Lord.

How does this blessing of the Lord come? Deuteronomy 28:1 tell us:

And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice of the LORD thy God, to observe and to do all his commandments which I command thee this day, that the LORD thy God will set thee on high above all nations of the earth.

The blessing of the Lord comes through hearkening to the voice of God and then observing to do all His commandments. First, you must pay very close attention to His word, and then you must do exactly what He says. It is that simple. When the widow of Zarephath came into great wealth, it was because the Prophet gave her specific instructions and she obeyed them all, just as he directed her.

There was a man who was a manager in his place of work and he kept asking God, “For how long am I going to be an employee? Please prosper me greatly so I can also be an employer of labour”. God told him to begin to roast and sell peanuts coated with honey. He obeyed. The last time I heard about him, he already had two private jets.

Sometimes, to get these specific instructions from God, you need to cry to Him in prayer as the widow did to Elisha. In the meantime, obey all the instructions you have read in the Bible. He said if you bring your tithe into His storehouse, then you will get a blessing so large that your present bank account will not be able to contain it – hearken. He said that if you sow bountifully, you will reap bountifully – hearken. Hearken diligently to His word and see if He will not bless you tremendously.

PRAYER POINT(Open Heaven 5 September 2022)
Father, please tell me what I must do to succeed; reveal to me the hidden wealth of secret places and I promise that I will hearken and do according to your word.

Jeremiah 49 – 50

Hymn 3 – Deeper, deeper in the love of Jesus

Open Heaven, Monday 5 September 2022 Devotional Message. Open Heaven Daily Devotional Guide was written by Pastor E.A. Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, one of the largest evangelical church in the world and also the President of Christ the Redeemer’s Ministries. Open Heaven, Monday 5 September 2022