Twist of Fate 24th February 2021 Update

Twist of Fate 24th February 2021 Update
Twist of Fate 24th February 2021 Update on Premium News24

Twist of Fate 24th February 2021 Update starts Rhea recalling Prachi slapping her. Her friend tells that the slap mark is on her face. Rhea applies make up on the red mark on her cheeks and recalls other students telling that it was good that Prachi slapped her, and telling that Rhea’s father would have slapped her long back and calls her spoilt girl. Shaina and other girl ask her to apply concealer and also ask her to hide her anger.

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Rhea says she will make her life living hell and tells that she will pay for her slap. I will slap on her life and not on her cheeks, which she will remember always. Shaina and other friend get worried thinking Rhea is going to do something big. They wish Prachi must not have come. Pallavi tries to talk to Meera. Meera asks Servant not to give sugar to Dadi even if she asks.

She asks Pallavi what she was saying? Pallavi appreciates her for taking care of everyone in the house and says you are a family member now. Aaliya comes and greets them. Rhea comes home and hugs Meera and Pallavi. Pallavi asks what happened to her face. Meera says may be due to sun burn. Mahesh sends a man from the security agency. Meera tries to take the CD. Purab comes and takes the CD from Jatin. Abhi comes and tells that Mahesh called and said that he wants to watch the CD together so that everyone comes to know that Prachi is innocent.

Prachi and Shahana come home. Pragya asks them to have food. They go and wash their hands. Pragya asks sweety to eat food with them. Chacha and Chachi come home. Chachi asks Prachi what she is hiding from them. Prachi asks what? Chacha asks her to talk later. Chachi scolds Prachi for stealing the necklace in the party and tells that she has cut her nose, and says you didn’t think about my respect.

She tells that her friend’s son saw you both there as a waitress. Pragya says it is a misunderstanding and tells that Prachi didn’t steal there, and she went to attend the party and didn’t go there as waitress. Chachi asks who had invited them to the big house party. Pragya asks Prachi to tell the truth and says you went there for dinner. Prachi says Chachi is right, we went there as a waitress.

Purav plays the CD. Everyone see Prachi taking care of Dadi and tells that such girl can’t steal necklace. She then sees Ranbir and tells that he will dance now. Aaliya thinks Prachi acts like Pragya and says if she was Pragya’s mother then I would say like mother like daughter. Rhea comes behind Prachi in the CD.

Rhea closes her eyes and says its me. Just then CD stops due to technical problem. Abhi says Prachi is innocent. Aaliya thinks her ego is not big to hit hammer on her foot. Abhi asks Purab to ask Mahesh to check the CD.

Purab calls Mahesh and tells that the CD is not working. Pallavi gets a call and she tells Meera that she is going home for 2 mins and asks her to call her when the CD starts working. Rhea thinks she made the CD corrupt and recalls coughing a lot and signing Aaliya. Aaliya steals the CD and goes to get water. She then makes scratches on the CD with something and takes water for Rhea. Fb ends.

Rhea smiles hugging Meera. She asks Aaliya if Dad gets other CD. Aaliya says everything is under control, everything is erased. Chachi tells Prachi that she can steal necklace as she lied to her mother. She asks why did you go there to work. Shahana tells that they needed money, as you asked us to pay you money for our stay. Chachi says she asked them to share their expenses as they have less money.

She asks Pragya if she taught her daughter to steal. Pragya tells that she didn’t steal and asks her to trust her, and says if you call her thief then what others will think. Chachi asks Pragya if she is threatening her and complains to Chacha. Pragya says if she had stolen then her papa wouldn’t have freed her. Chachi asks your husband? Pragya says that girl’s papa whose necklace was stolen. Chachi says Prachi might have stolen.

Pragya says she is my daughter and knows to do hardwork and tells that she didn’t tell me so that Beeji don’t come to know about it. She tells that Prachi tells good things about you and you are doubting on her. Chachi doesn’t believe her. Pragya says you shall be ashamed for not trusting her. Chachi gets angry and asks them to leave from her house

Chacha interfering and asking Chachi to end the matter. Chachi says your relatives are humiliating me and asks them to leave now itself. Pragya tells Chacha that they will leave in the morning. Chachi asks Prachi to apologize to her now itself else she won’t let them stay here. Prachi thinks Maa is not having money to take us to other place and comes forward to apologize. Pragya tells her that she will not let Prachi apologize and bend down infront of her. Chachi asks them to leave. Pragya, Prachi and Shahana leave from there.

Pragya, Shahana and Pragya are walking on the street. Shahana says lets sit for sometime. Prachi cries and tells Pragya that they shall go back to Hosiarpur and tells that she is fighting since she came here, and tells that this city is verybad, first it humiliated me and then made me sit on the street. She tells that she don’t want to lose her self respect and tells that she wants to return home.

Shahana says we have nothing here for us and tells that they can’t stay here anymore. She hugs Pragya and cries. Prachi says sorry to Pragya and tells you have to come here, had to come to police station for me, and had to bear insult by Chachi. She cries and says she don’t want to stay here. Pragya says Prachi…

Prachi says you might have got angry after seeing this city. Pragya says I was thinking that we shall go back and says we will go, but what we will tell others in Hosiarpur.

She says your college people will think that you are a thief and tells that she can’t run away from her past. She asks her to fight with others to prove her innocence. She says until you accept defeat, nobody can defeat you. She says if you leave this city then you are leaving your dreams and yourself. She says nobody can snatch your rights from you. Prachi asks where we will live here?

Pragya says there is a solution for it, and tells about the line game. She asks her to make her so big that others look small. She tells that you will not leave this city until you win. She tells that she will get her savings transferred here and tells that they need to identity the right way. Pragya says where will we get a place at less cost.

A lady tells that God brought you to your destination. Shahana says how will we stay in a shop. Lady introduces herself as Sarita behen and says she has house for them. She gives her visiting card and asks Shahana to memorize the address and return the card. She takes the card and asks them to come in the morning. Shahana says where will we go in night. Pragya tells that they will buy platform ticket and sit there.

Rhea gets a dream in which Prachi tells Abhi that Rhea has stolen necklace in her own house. Abhi slaps her. Prachi and Shahaha laugh loudly. Rhea wakes up and shouts. Abhi and Meera come to her room. Rhea tells that she has seen a bad dream. Meera says your dream will not be fulfilled. Abhi asks why did she get scared being his daughter.

Meera is in the kitchen. Abhi comes there and asks for Rhea’s birth certificate. Meera says she will give after making lep for Dadi. Abhi says Dadi was acting to have leg pain. Meera tells that she is unwell and tells that she didn’t sleep entire night as you said that you didn’t see Pragya. She says you used to lie to Rhea in her childhood, and asks why doesn’t you treat her like her. She asks him to tell Dadi that he has seen Pragya, to make her happy. Abhi says ok, I will convince her.

In the morning, Pragya, Prachi and Shahana come to Sarita behen’s house. Shahana says it is dirty and asks her to show the place which she is giving for rent. Sarita behen says this is the same place. Pragya says it is good. Sarita behen says she stays alone here so giving house on rent. Pragya asks how many bedrooms are here?

Sarita behen says she has some rules and regulations and tells that there shall be no noise or friends shall not come here, no late night, etc. She asks them to give rent on every 3rd of the month. She asks Shahana if she doesn’t like the house then go and search red fort. Prachi says her face is such. Pragya says this is red fort for us. Sarita behen says are you making fun of the house. Prachi says no.

Sarita behen asks them to get the house clean and come to her room. Prachi asks Shahana why she was making faces. Shahana dislikes the house. Prachi says we don’t need to give deposit here. Pragya says once we clean the house, it will look good. Shahana says I will not like it.

Twist of Fate 24th February 2021 Update ends as Prachi asks Shahana to search red fort in delhi and acts like Sarita behen. Pragya says her face is such and kisses on her cheeks. Shahana smiles. Pragya hugs Shahana.

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